Below a comprehensive overview of the indicational costs for building an app. The components are examples. For a formal offering and/or other tailermade services and exploitation please contact us!

Low Complexity
indication €5000-€10000
  • login
  • authentication integrated with social media
  • standard android/iOS design, vary on color schemes
  • local data sotred on device using serialized data or SQLite
  • views to add, edit, delete and search data
  • in app reviews
High Complexity
indication €20000-€45000
  • Medium Complexity +
  • using complex technology like:
    - geo-fencing (alert when you are in a certain area)
    - interpretation of motion detection (fitness apps)
    - high perf. vector graphics (example: gaming)
    - real-time interaction (example: Uber, whatsapp)
  • A back-end where a user base is registered combined with complex search algorithms (dating app or booking site).
  • Mash ups: combining available data sources, enrich them to a new app (example: public transport data streams, composite travel advice, ...)
  • An app combined of non standard and/or new functionality involving building new software (integration) components.

Extra costs indications:
  • Mandatory for category 2 & 3: Exploitation of the back-end: cloud server tariffs (€ 10 - € 100 /month, depending on back-end sizing, traffic and if you manage it yourself or have it fully managed)
  • Optional: Own branding, tailor made graphical design (+/- €15000)
The above examples describe software for mobile platforms, however the essence is the same for client/server software on a desktop.
An interesting post on the cost structure of software can be find here >>


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