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Cost structure of software

In the market for (mobile) software one can often only choose between two options:

    1. an "easy" cheap, often DIY, restricted way of building an app, or
    2. the top prize with a company that will build you a, tailor made app

In the first category a lot of free or non-expensive tools are presented that promise an app without even needing to write real code. In practice the functionality is very limited and it is very difficult to get a fit with your requirements and often people give up.

In the second category price structures are often presented being dependent on how many components a piece of softw [...]

Introduction FJORGYN

Fjorgyn mobile software development develops mobile software, client/server applications and software interfaces (API's), resulting in (mobile) applications which are tailor fit and optimal integrated with private- or public- cloud services.

We decided to take our ideas and plans and start our own company to make quality products, based on a vast experience in high quality software architecture, programming, testing, and exploitation.

We work for clients in business and consumer markets and develop our own software. We are located in the Netherlands but are not bound by borders. With the current virtual collaboration tools and overlapping time zones we can work around the [...]

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