Career choice

App for Dutch high school students to choose the right school profile and find out about interesting careers

Who knows what the job is of an actuary or what an anthropologist does? And which school profile do you need to transfer to the right college?

This is not a career test app. This app will help the students with finding interesting careers that are not that obvious and/or that maybe didn't cross their mind. They can random browse the professions that are presented or search for specific professions or key words. For example: if you search for the key word "math", you end up with professions like: Actuary, Econometrist, Quant, Scientific Mathematician, Math teacher, Physicist, .... And if you are creative and are a techie, you can be a graphical designer, or maybe you want to design cars or be an industrial designer?

Additionally the app will provide the students with information on the appropriate school profile, the colleges that will prepare them for the profession and examples of companies where they can work when they finish their education. And what if a student doesn't take the obvious route to the needed college? What if he/she needs an extra step or takes a side step: what are the rules?

The app has an clear strutured menu and the students can choose to just browse the app or to login with the possibility to create and save a profile. The student has the ability to give feedback, so if he can't find what he is looking for, the relevant information can be added to the app. The app is designed to be maintained by a stakeholder group that can keep the app up to date and enrich with additional information.


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